Welcome to our Rhode Island Web Site exclusively for our Agents and customers.

The Chicago Title Family serves you in Rhode Island through Chicago Title Insurance Company. We understand the dynamic and competitive real estate market in Rhode Island and its need for greater speed, accuracy and quality in the products and services it uses. Therefore, we have developed this site in order to provide you with information and assistance regarding all your Real Estate and Title Insurance related issues.

This site contains many value-added features, which will provide additional customer service and help streamline your closing process. Through this site some of the valuable services you will access include the ability to generate Closing Protection Letters and Back Policies right from your desktop. Rate calculators, informative links, Staff contact lists, Industry news alerts, access to the FNF Center, and additional real estate related information is also provided throughout the site.

We invite your comments on this new site and would greatly appreciate your ideas and suggestions on additional information that you would like to have available through this portal.

At Chicago Title Insurance, we pride ourselves on providing you with the right answers, right away. So point and click your way around to learn more about us, our industry and what we can do for you.

What's New

Review the updated RI recording fees, effective November 5, 2007.
Recording Fees



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